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"Thanks for all the good work you do – your quizzes are amazing."

Micklefield Primary School

“Thank you very much for a wonderful quiz every week! My class and I are enjoying it very much!”

Grade 3, Panorama Primary School

“Very interesting and topical questions. Well researched and informative. Excellent - the children nag me to get their class work finished so that we can do ‘The Quiz!’”

St Dominics Primary

“Very informative and relevant. Thank you very much for the gigantic task!”

Excelsior Primary School

“This is the only activity that I present where all 40 learners can’t wait to hear what’s next. There is a certain magic in the asking and answering of a question.”

Laerskool Bellville-Noord

“’I KNOW!’ fills a gap in the curriculum in a well thought out, practical though fun-filled way.”

Eversdal Primary School

“This quiz program that you send us is a great help for the school and we are enjoying using it.”

Bergvliet Primary School

“I think the quiz is an excellent idea, and it helps to nurture General Knowledge. Thanks.”

Herzlia Highlands Primary

“In this world with all its bad news and the frenzied rat-race it is wonderful to know that there still are such challenges to stimulate our learners. Rest assured – your reward is that the school’s learners (and educators) can’t wait for the next I KNOW! Best wishes!”

Panorama Primary School

“Just to say we absolutely love the questions and use it weekly. Thanks!!!”

Uplands Preparatory School

“Many thanks for your lovely quizzes.”

Cannons Creek Primary

“This is a terrific idea!”

Clifton Preparatory

“Thanks again for a wonderful product! Our learners enjoy the General knowledge “tests” immensely. There are always learners who ask me when the next quiz will be there. Thank you for the commitment to improve the general knowledge of the learners of our country. It is definitely working!!”

Mtubatuba Primary School

“I would just like to tell you how much our teachers and children at our school are enjoying your quizzes - it has become a ritual for all our classes to do general knowledge on a Friday. Thanks for being so regular and up-to-date with the questions.”

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for your excellent work. The children at our school are really benefiting from the General Knowledge Quizzes that they are being exposed to. You are really providing an excellent service - please keep up the good work.”

“Thanks once again for the general knowledge questions - the teachers are so grateful and we feel the children’s' general knowledge is improving daily - MANY THANKS.”

Holy Cross Primary School, George

“General knowledge is a big thing in our school. We have a weekly junior and senior house competition, and there is an annual cup award too.  Our Grade 6 & 7s are participating in the World Knowledge Olympiad on 21 May, and they also hosted and took part in our local Schools' Enviro Quiz last term. I mention all of this to try to give you some idea of how thrilled we are to receive the questions you send. They are a major help in rejuvenating the resources of the 'quiz masters', and I look forward myself to receiving them, as they are so interesting. We are going to use the Afrikaans questions for language enrichment, and try some of your suggestions about class quizzes too. Thanks for the wonderful G.K. concept and effort put into compiling questions. Thanks for a great set of questions. Best wishes"

Cowan House, Hilton

“The best thing that could have happened to our school was when you came to talk to the principals of the Suidpunt Hoofdevereniging! What you came to share with us, we could not have bought with money! You created a revolution at our school, for which we will always be thankful!

Knowledge is power! To empower the learners of Laerskool Bredasdorp and to prevent them from going through life wearing blinkers our learners are bombarded with I KNOW! general knowledge questions every week. Everybody in our school community - learners, educators and our parents - look forward to the weekly themes and general knowledge questions.

The I KNOW! questions include all eight learning areas, they complement the new curriculum, and empower our learners in an area that reaches beyond the borders of South Africa. It makes our learners informed world citizens!

The I KNOW! questions are discussed daily by all learners, from Grade R to Grade 7, in the register period, and during Monday’s assembly the learners are again bombarded with questions in their different Phases. Once every term the learners have an Interhouse General Knowledge Quiz Competition.

Thank you very much for a brilliant project! We are truly grateful.”

Johann Burger, Principal: Laerskool Bredasdorp




Dawid van Lill








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