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I KNOW! at school

I KNOW! is a general knowledge, curriculum and news quiz program that can be used at school.

Click on About I KNOW! to find out more about the quiz and how it can be used.

The quiz program is available for schools in two different programs.

  • Level 1 is for Grades 1 to 3 or 4.
  • The questions of Level 2&3 are graded from EASY to MEDIUM and HARD, to cater for learners from Grades 4 or 5 and up.

The Level 1 and Vlak 1 quizzes are free of charge if the school buys Level 2&3 and/or Vlak 2&3.

The quizzes are also available as EK WEET! Vlak 1 and Vlak 2&3 in Afrikaans.

There is an Olympiad at the end of each term. It is a revision of the quizzes of the term. If schools, especially High Schools, do not have the time to follow the program, they can subscribe to do the Olympiads at the end of the term.


Sample of Level 1 quiz

Sample of Level 1 revision quiz

Sample of Level 1 quiz crossword

Sample of Level 1 Olympiad


Sample of Level 2&3 quiz

Sample of Level 2&3 revision quiz

Sample of Level 2&3 quiz crossword

Sample of Level 2&3 Olympiad


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