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Knowledge is fun - Kennis is pret

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(Klik op Tuis vir die Afrikaanse weergawe.)


Dear Principal







     I KNOW! is compiled by Dawid van Lill, who is the author of the popular books on Africa that are published by Lapa Publishers.

     New schools that subscribe to I KNOW! receive the very useful ‘I KNOW! Quiz Crosswords 1’, worth R385. It is a pdf booklet of 65 quiz crosswords and 1 200 questions. There are 10 on level 1, 25 on level 2 and 30 on level 3. It is sent by e-mail. (See examples.) 


      Get access to the past year's quizzes FREE OF CHARGE on the website with a PIN number.   



The SUBSCRIPTION FORM has all the necessary detail. 


I KNOW! is a quiz program that is presented in two levels of 31 quizzes each.

   Level 1 has 36 questions per quiz. It is for Grades 1 to 3. (See example.)

   In Level 2/3  the questions are divided into three categories: EASY, MEDIUM and HARD. Each class can try to go as far as they can. The questions cover the week’s world news, news about South Africa, entertainment and sport. Each week’s quiz includes general knowledge questions. (See example.)

   I KNOW! is also available in Afrikaans.

  There are 31 quizzes in a year and they are sent to schools by e-mail. It includes two quiz crosswords per term that can be used as revision. Each term ends with an Olympiad







I KNOW! is 11 years old this year.


 We want everyone to be able to say, "I know what is going on in the world around me!"



My family consists of four members – myself, my wife Marina and our two sons, Dawie and Wimpie. Dawie is doing his Doctorate in Economics and Wimpie started working at Econex in Stellenbosch as an economist. Marina and I have our own business called Think Media.
And, yes, I have a lot of books!

I am the author of a few books on Africa as well as quiz and trivia books. 

I was also the editor of the Britannica Junior: Ensiklopedie vir Suidelike Afrika. Click on the set of books below to read more about them.


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Dawid van Lill








 South African Education Portal





Do you like quizzes?

Do you like quizzes?

Speel 'n vasvra


Klik op Speel 'n Vasvra. Wag dat dit laai. Tik net jou e-posadres in, en speel... (Jy het nie 'n gebruikersnaam nodig nie.)

Geniet dit!





Doen die vasvrablokraai.     

 Klik op EK WEET!



Hoe goed vaar jy in die volgende 10 nuusvrae? Klik hier.


Pas die sokkerspan by sy bynaam. Klik hier.



Samel geld in met EK WEET!

Gebruik die volgende vasvrae as 'n barometer van die stand van algemene kennis in die skool en samel geld in!          

Klik op die volgende skakels en gebruik die EK WEET!-vasvrae om die skerpheid van die algemene kennis- en nuusneuse in die skool te toets. Maak dit 'n ernstige saak en betrek ouers om borg te staan vir hul kind se prestasie.


Daar is 30 vrae vir Vlak 1 en 75 vrae vir Vlak 2&3. Gebruik almal of kies die aantal vrae self. Laat die ouers dit borg teen x sent of rand 'n vraag en samel geld in!

(Die antwoorde word in vetgedrukte letters aangedui. Verwyder die funksie voor enige afdrukke gemaak word vir die leerders.)

EK WEET! Vlak 1 (vir graad 1 tot 4)

EK WEET! Vlak 2&3 (vir graad 5 en hoër)

I KNOW! Level 1 (for grades 1 to 4)

I KNOW! Level 2&3 (for grades 5 and higher)


Jy benodig die Adobe Reader om van die vasvrae op die webruimte oop te maak. Klik op die skakel as jy dit nie op jou rekenaar het nie. Klik daarna op Download. Dit is gratis!


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